University of Brighton
Graphic Design & Illustration
Degree Show 2012

Netil House
1 – 7 Westgate Street
London E8 3RL

Open to the Public
6th July – 8th July 2012
9am – 5pm

Evening of Discussion
Saturday 7th July

Private View
5th July 2012
6 – 11pm

Jake Evans

Constant curiosity is a key component to creativity. My practice is multi disciplinary, manifesting itself in whatever form sees fit to communicates and often finds itself divided it into two halves. One half usually works with a collection of ideas that fit under the umbrella of a general curiosity turned temporary obsession. While the other half see itself to be an act of self indulgent aesthetic and concept exploration, often juxtaposing motifs and themes in order to provide contrast and harmony. The images below stand to be a small collection of projects and ideas, which are further elaborated on my website.

Jake Evans Jake Evans Jake Evans Jake Evans