University of Brighton
Graphic Design & Illustration
Degree Show 2012

Netil House
1 – 7 Westgate Street
London E8 3RL

Open to the Public
6th July – 8th July 2012
9am – 5pm

Evening of Discussion
Saturday 7th July

Private View
5th July 2012
6 – 11pm

Tom Troy

A visual interpretation of the physical and psychological traumas endured by fellow soldiers on board HMS Sir Galahad during the attacks that took place in the Falklands War 1982. This book explores the first person physical reality of the situation in contrast with the nightmares experienced by soldiers after the attack. The pages are composed of 3 different materials, acetate film/tracing paper and satin which accompany a subtle visual narrative depicting chaos, confusion and remembrance of the events that unfolded on that day.

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